Welcome to TAFI

I began my career in traditional press-printing over 20 years ago, which pretty much makes Adobe the primary office space of my career. In the early days online, before digital cameras largely surpassed film in quality, I worked extensively in doing photography for the internet-- maybe a quarter million photos taken, scanned and uploaded to client sites between 1997-2004. Fortunately, the job became largely obsolete thanks to digital, as it certainly had gotten old by then.

In more recent years, and after spending some time in 3D graphic design, I've become very active in digital clothing design. Obviously this is my story, but it's the Shop Story too... My odd imagination and collection of skills applied to create and source original new products.

All the styles you see for leggings here on Etsy are examples from my new line. 3D Printed clothing is not only something I love designing-- and its still only getting started-- but its also something I believe in and where TAFI will focus in 2015.

The type of print clothing we are selling is both highly cost-efficient and far "greener" than traditional vat-dyeing and mass-production methods. We can create new clothes virtually on-demand, with just a minimal order quantity.

But more important, these items use directly applied dyes, just like any ink-jet printer does at home. This means no toxic stew of spent-dye leftover and the dye is only applied to the area of fabric used-- so no toxic dyed fabric remnants for landfill.

I should point out, we don't make the final product here in Hamilton, I design the what you see printed on them here (well, and there's a lot of shipping stuff too now, but...). For the printing and fabric surging, I rely on YiWi Moshiner in Zhejiang, China.

Moshiner is not a huge factory-- it is a relatively small shop with very high attention to detail and I love working with them ...despite the 12-hr time difference being tricky when you have 3 kids. Seriously, its a great team over there and they have jumped through a few hoops along the way for us...

Looking forward, its going to be an exciting year to come... There are a few styles coming soon now I can't wait to show you-- from a 2015 purple Nebula Galaxy Leggings with higher resolution print and a wrap-around design to a big move into Mens' shirts. And we also have so many great style ideas that went into a file called "For Spring" (and that will keep me busy through the winter!)

I hope you will drop back often to see the new designs. And please check out TAFI on Facebook, where we will keep you posted on what's to come, offer free stuff giveaways and, most of all, hope to hear from you.

Jeff Reid
TAFI Designer
Hamilton, Canada

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