Welcome to TAFI

The goal of TAFI Clothing is green-- I want to make original clothing without the traditional garment waste.

All the styles you see for leggings and shirts here on Etsy are samples from my original line as a graphic artist. The type of print clothing we are demonstrating is leaner, cleaner and greener than traditional vat-dyeing and mass-production methods. We can create new clothes, virtually on-demand compared to massive brick and mortar retailer stockpiles.

But more importantly, our clothing items use directly and concisely applied dyes-- just like how any hi-res ink printer works at home. This means no toxic stew of dye-water leftover and the dye is only applied to the area of fabric used-- so no toxic-dyed fabric remnants for landfill to leech into the ground either.

You're probably more interested in a sharp print designs on decent quality, comfortable clothes. That we do-- but we're also proud we don't make a mess doing it. (And you can be proud then too, if you do buy!)

Thanks for your interest and support along the way,

Jay Reid
TAFI Designer
Niagara Falls, Canada

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